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Razer Orochi

April 20, 2010

My present mouse is a Razer mouse. I got it because it was white. A nice colour, i thought. But soon i realised that my constant handling of the mouse lead to the rubberised buttons becoming greyer. Also, the rubber became a magnet for dust. I hate dust. After attempting to clean my mouse back to a white colour, some of the rubber coating was rubbed off and i was left with an ugly looking mouse. The dust was still there and it was uncomfortable to use it.

So, i decided to look around for a new mouse. After searching for a while, I found that razer had released a bluetooth notebook mouse which had a high precision. It was called the razer orochi. The reviews of the mouse were very positive, although there were a lot of complaints regarding the incapable mac drivers. I was quite settled to get a razer orochi because it had bluetooth, had a high dpi sensor and was a wireless mouse. An added bonus was the portability so i would be able to bring it to a lecture with my laptop, for example (although i like the mac’s trackpad very much).

razer-orochi-gallery1.jpg razer-orochi-gallery2.jpg razer-orochi-gallery4.jpg

However, the razer distributor in Singapore, Ban Leong had no good deal for the razer mouse and i decided to wait till i went to Canada to buy it. Unfortunately now, the Canadian dollar is as strong as the US dollar, yet the mouse costs $99 in Canada and $79 in the US. So, naturally, I would rather buy the mouse in USA.

So after a bit of searching at the Macmall website, Best Buy website and Walmart website, I found that Walmart was selling them the cheapest (at $74) and for a person that did not have a US address like me, I could arrange for an in store pick up. This is great. I am definitely going to buy my mouse from Walmart once i plan my driving route and decide which is the nearest store.

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