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July 1, 2010

I will admit that I did something really silly while on VA. I forgot to check my iphone into the base pass office at PLAB. I was going into the base for a short while and was going to see the CO of the Field Defence Squadron after all. Unfortunately, i realised that the base took its security very seriously. They confiscated my iphone and fortunately because i was dealing with the CO of the FDS i was able to retrieve it back immediately (normally they would make you wait 7 days).

Anyway, this prompted me to look for a good smartphone that was easy to use and had no camera. I was out of luck. The only smartphones available were the Nokia e51, Sony Ericsson m600i, HTC Snap, and the Blackberry Bold 9000.

201007020032.jpg 201007020030.jpg 201007020032.jpg 201007020034.jpg

Of all these, only the SE m600i had a touch screen, but its OS was laggy. The BB has a poor design with the scroll ball. Its OS was also difficult to use. the HTC was a winmo phone and a BB wannabe. The best bet would be the nokia e51. However, with its small screen using it as a productivity enhancing device would be quite hard.

Fortunately, I have found a solution, albeit involving 2 devices. By using an app that enables internet tethering on the Nokia e51, one would be able to bridge the 3G data connection to a wifi hotspot created by the phone. Then, I can use a camera-less ipod touch or ipad to connect to this hotspot and I would be able to access the web from anywhere i wanted. Of course, I could also just get the 3G ipad instead, but i heard that MSD may not approve of the ipad being brought into camps and so the ipod touch would be the only option.

I feel that the iOS is really one of the best mobile OSes available today, with the availability of apps and a stable platform. This is a possible solution to replace my iphone once i have to go back to work in camera-prohibited areas. Moreover, because I would be familiar with the iOS, it would be easy to transit to using the ipod touch or ipad.

Anyway, the app for Nokia Symbian S60 devices is called Joikuspot  and is available for 9 Euros.


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