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Photography: The best of 2010

February 11, 2011

I decided to take a look at my past year in photography and I think I have become more experienced with my camera. I pick my favourite pictures from each flickr set that I uploaded onto flickr for sharing


Calgary Downtown by night

While the horizon is slanted (but easily correctable), this photo is my favourite from the set because of the myriad colours and lights, taken from the Calgary Tower.


Altar of Sacrifice

A stone altar at the Minnewanka Lake, spotted the afternoon after I returned from my 22km hike and camping. This arrangement of rocks could have been a meaningless pile built by a bored person, or it could have been an altar set fittingly to acknowledge the majestic serenity of this place in the Canadian rockies.


CN tower the rocketship

With the help of a wide angle lens, I snap the grand CN tower set in front of a background wispy feathery clouds. Toronto was a really nice place to me because I had been here before, I met my old JC pal Jenson, and met my Life Science coursemate and hall mate Desmond. It felt really nice to see familiar faces again.


The main sanctuary

Wow. Montreal is awesome. Its is probably the most artsy place in Canada. It is also a very religious city. Here inside the Basilica Notre Dame I see a very finely restored sanctuary. It was a really pretty sight.

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves

An interesting place. I tried to make the most of the midday sun here, allowing the harsh shadows to form yet another pattern against the wooden wall. It was nice seeing all sorts of people mingling as groups of friends or family on this holiday. Likewise, I was here with my family too 🙂

Joo Chiat

Terrace Houses

I went for a photo walk with James (and his new Canon 550D) in Joo Chiat. The european heritage of this area in Katong was very apparent and it was seen in the architecture of the shophouses and terrace. Such scenes of our past are really precious to me in ever quickly developing Singapore, even though I may not have been born yet. I guess I am a really “roots” kind of person.

Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

YOG opening ceremony 2010 at 1 altitude fireworks

This is by far my favourite photo of the year and I have already blogged about this previously. It was a really great experience to have witnessed the Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony not like everybody else, in the grandstand or in front of the television, but 60 plus floors up at Raffles Place. Surreal and phenomenal.

Post exchange US Trip

I took a ton of pictures on my US trip, and 352 of them are on flickr. Here are some which I really like.

Two palm trees

Sunset, palm trees, and jet contrails make up this picture taken in hollywood.

Sunset in Calgary

Sunset taken across the Bow River in Calgary. I think this is desktop wallpaper material 🙂

Taking a break

A busker taking a break in Long Beach California.

Disneyland Castle

Disneyland! A place I always wanted to visit since I was a kid. No fireworks today because it was not the weekend.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon.

San Diego Embarcadero

A statue of the famous World War photograph, silhouetted against the setting sun and the naval base in San Diego.

Coit Tower city view

A view of San Francisco from the Coit Tower. The evening fog will eventually creep in from the background (west) and we can see it literally engulfing the buildings in the distance as the sun sets.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge. Finally at about noon, the fog cleared enough so the tops of the main supports of the Golden Gate Bridge were visible.

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley. When one speaks of yosemite one would inevitably imagine the giant Sequoia redwoods and I did too but unfortunately the 4 hour trek to see them was not possible because the road was closed due to ice and it was raining.

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