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Beautiful Skies

June 21, 2011

I was surfing on NatGeo’s site and found some of the most amazing night sky pictures. It is something we will never see in Singapore, with our persistent cloud cover, dust and city lights.

best-pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-aurora-borealis-iceland_35561_600x450.jpg pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-australia-milky-way_35563_600x450.jpg pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-great-wall-china_35564_600x450.jpg pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-milky-way-iran_35566_600x450.jpg pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-mono-lake-death-valley_35559_600x450.jpg pictures-night-sky-astrophotography-photo-contest-reunion-island-milky-way_35567_600x450.jpg

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